With the tools under "Well-being" you can track your disorder or your problem. This way you are more likely to see certain patterns or development - either positive or negative - in your overall well-being instead of seeing it from the perspective of how you feel at the given moment.

Use the tool "My day" to register your well-being, any possible symptoms, use of medication and other things that affects your well-being. My day is an overall logbook of what affects your well-being, and provides perspective and insight into what you need to do to get better.

To access the tools in "Well-being", you must be a registered user with a username and email. You can create a user completely anonymous if you wish to do so, and it is okay to use a pseudonym. Regardless, the name you type in will not be displayed, nor used. Only your username will be visible to others. Read more about security and privacy here.