Data policy & Privacy and security

Data policy complies with future legislation on data security.
There is 100% transparency and we handle user data with complete confidentiality.
The website is developed in accordance with the principles of Privacy by Design (PbD).

Adhesion to the PbD-principles is guaranteed by the following:

  • No data from the psychologist is passed on or processed.    
  • The only collected data is that which is directly entered in the system by the psychologist. The psychologist is an independent unit and is responsible for their own data.    
  • All data is safely guarded against intrusion. We use globally standardised open source components that are continually updated to meet the highest security standards. This ensures a quick response time should any problems arise.    
  • Data is hosted by an accredited supplier that is leading on security globally. It utilises a round-the-clock surveilled basis software stack, which is robust and thoroughly tested.    
  • Journal content is encrypted and distributed directly between user and data storage via SSL-encrypted lines – without going through a Content Delivery Network (CDN). The employed data model is constructed to avoid abuse and guarantees anonymization of data. There is, among other things, a safe divide between the registered data and the identity of the sender.    
  • The risk of external encroachment is deemed low since 1) the content does not have commercial interest, and 2) the data is secured at the level of the most sensitive information.    
  • The only data collected is that which is typed in by the users themselves. No additional data is collected and no profiling is carried out. Thus, there is a 1:1 connection between the data that is typed in by users and the stored data. The same goes for the psychologists. There is 100% transparency between what is typed in and what is stored.    
  • If a user or psychologist delete their profile, all information will be deleted permanently after 7 days.    
  • A psychologist can at any time download their data in a .csv format (spreadsheet format).    
  • Data is backed up on a daily basis. The backup is stored for 7 days.



Privacy and security

You can use It Can Get Better completely anonymously if you wish to do so - your privacy is our top priority.

If, however, you intend to use the groups and/or the forums you will need to register with a valide-mail account. You will still remain completely anonymous and your real name will not be visible.You can even choose to use a fake name if you wish. This means that the information you provideon It Can Get Better will remain completely anonymous.

If you use our groups and forums, other users will be able to see your chosen username. Therefore you should use a username which is not too personally identifiable. You always have the option to change your username on your user profile.

All private information sent and received on It Can Get Better is encrypted (SSL) and cannot be read by others. When treated by a healthcare professional on It Can Get Better, your details are stored by that professional in our database. The contents of your medical record will be encrypted and the only person to have access to these records will be the professional you work with. Bear in mind that patient confidentiality is a professional requirement of registered psychologists, and your information is totally safe and protected in our secure database.

You can delete your profile on It Can Get Better anytime. Please note that when you delete your profile, it will be deleted permanently and cannot be recovered.    


Restrictive Cookies and Privacy Policy


If you choose to visit It Can Get Better as a non-registered user you are completely anonymous and no personal information will be collected. The language of your internet browser will be the only thing detected and cookies will not be enabled throughout your use of our website.

When creating an account, by clicking “Yes” to have your username and password remembered, this information will be stored in a cookie upon your next visit. This information is used only to make sure that information is being sent securely. When searching for a treatment provider, using our geographic search feature ensures that only your approximate location will be used to complete the search. The information cannot be attributed to you as an individual and you remain completely anonymous. The personal data you register will not be passed on to third parties. It is quite unusual when compared to other services, but we make your anonymity our top priority at all times. It Can Get Better thus already meets the new and strict requirements for treatment of personal data which will be starting in 2018. We analyze and look anonymously at the total amount of data that individual (not professionals) users register. This is done in order to gain insight as to how we all can get better.

We are constantly working to create the highest data security possible. All the tools we use are being screened, developed, tested, and updated to ensure the highest security and stability as possible. The responsibilities for development and testing are given to various people and we provide procedures and policies ensuring anonymity is always maintained as our top priority.

Please note that the tools found on It Can Get Better depend on you having access to the Internet. As with other products errors may occur and should there be any consequences for you, you will immediately be notified.    


More about data storage and security


All of our data is stored in one of the most secure places in the world. We have selected the best and most resource-intense possible for this type of service, which is used by many of the world's biggest corporations. This means reinforced concrete walls, armed guards, and physical security systems reminiscent of a science fiction film, which are the most secure in the world.

Our supplier strives for a 100% service uptime but seeing as there occasionally will be security updates and upgrades, we expect an uptime (meaning that ItCanGetBetter works) between 99.9% and 99.999% of the time.